£200+ for Hockerton residents and buisness – Deadline 31 March 2019

Dear Hockerton resident,

Sustainable Hockerton is pleased to announce a new offer of £200+ to every home and business in the parish for energy saving and other measures promoting sustainability, funded by income from Sustainable Hockerton’s wind turbine and solar PV systems. There further money for sustainable development of the parish, do get in touch if you have an idea you wish to take forward. Flo Tilley, on behalf of Sustainable Hockerton Ltd

How do I claim my £200+?

Each home and business in the Parish of Hockerton can claim up to £200 towards installing the products and services named below or up to £500 for insulating walls, lofts and floors. Contact first and then provide the receipt by 31 March 2019 and we’ll provide the money.

Contact enquiries@sustainablehockerton.org or call 01636 816902 to find out more or claim your cash.

Keep heat in 

Draught proofing and lagging help keep homes cool and comfortable in hot weather whilst saving around £75 a year, and a hot water tank jacket could save £45 each year. Wall, floor and loft insulation and window treatments such as thermal-lined curtains or thermal blinds can keep heat in and noise out – useful for those residents living by the A617! Improving current window glazing will also reduce noise and improve heat retention. Less intrusive options include letterbox draught excluding, chimney balloons and loft hatch draught excluding.

Water saving

If you want to manage your energy and water bills then conservation makes good sense. How about water efficient taps? A water efficient shower head costs around £27 and can save a family of four around £75 a year on water heating, and another £90 if they have a water meter. Or how about a water butt to save water and money in the garden? See the light!

Energy efficient bulbs such as LED lights last as much as 50 times as long as incandescent bulbs, saving money on energy use and new bulbs, but this is only a sustainable option if the light quality is good enough. Look for a warm white or soft white bulb or a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of at least 80. Get more advice on the Energy Saving Trust website and look for the EST Recommended label.

In the garden

If you want to grow your own food and reduce carbon footprint by reducing food miles and packaging, previous Hockerton residents have got fruit trees and bushes, providing great yearly fruit. To help grow you could also get hand gardening tools and compost boxes. Or if gardening isn’t your thing, what about an organic veg box delivered to you?

Renewable Energy

Cut your energy bills and install photovoltaic panels or solar thermal panels. Change your boiler to use a renewable fuel.


“After recently moving we were completely oblivious of the poor level of insulation in our large loft. Over the winter the house was freezing cold and the frequent supplies of oil to keep it warm were extremely costly. At the time Sustainable Hockerton was offering support with environmental initiatives and they certainly came to our rescue in part funding loft insulation. Since then we have undertaken other projects such as insulated linings for curtains to conserve heat and we are gradually replacing bulbs with more eco options.”


“I have now re-bulbed the whole house. Has certainly made a difference – my 32 day electricity consumption for NovDec period appears to be 25% below annual average for a month which given it is a winter month is fantastic!! Thanks to SHOCK for encouraging me to make the change.”

£200 towards:

  • Fruit bushes and trees 
  • Gardening/ vegetable growing equipment- seeds, compost, spade, fork 
  • Organic vegetable boxes 
  • Compost boxes 
  • Water butts 
  • Draught proofing
  • Letter box draught excluding
  • Loft hatch draught excluder
  • Chimney balloons 
  • Hot water tank insulation   
  • Insulated lining for blinds and curtains 
  • Radiator reflector 
  • Improved window glazing above current installation. 
  • Energy use monitor 
  • Photovoltaic panels 
  • Solar thermal panels 
  • Heat pumps 
  • Boiler replacement that uses renewable fuel 
  • Water efficient shower heads 
  • Radiator Thermostats 
  • Energy advice/ assessor 
  • Pressure cooker 
  • Ventilation heat exchanger 
  • LED light bulbs

OR £500 towards:

  • Cavity wall insulation 
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Loft insulation 

What is not included

  • Household appliances including; cooker or hob, dishwasher, washing machines, tumble dryer. Lawn mowers and other garden machinery. Other

The small print

Please contact enquiries@sustainablehockerton.org before purchasing improvements. Open to both owner-occupied and rented homes (subject to relevant permissions) and to business premises in the Parish of Hockerton. Limited to one offer per household from 1st March 2018 until 31st March 2019. Advice on measures is available from the Energy Saving Trust and Waterwise. Participants will need to provide a comment on their use of the offer to help inspire others and inform future projects. Such comments may be used on our website or other media. Personal details will be protected. Trustmark advises on reputable tradesmen. Please support local businesses such as local builders and handymen, and suppliers such as the Handicentre or Christys Interiors where possible. And please get in touch if there is a measure you want to install but is not listed – particularly if it is one recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and Waterwise – or if you have an idea that you want to take forward that will support the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the village but is in need of financial assistance. Limited funds available.

If you require this leaflet in large print, please call us on 01636 816902.

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