AGM 2016 & community biogas talk

Our AGM for members is at 4pm on 10 September at Hockerton Housing Project.

This will be followed at 5pm by a talk open to all on the potential for community biogas, led by Davide Poggio who is a research fellow working with the ISABEL project – an EU-backed initiative to promote, support and develop community biogas.

He will outline the vision of ISABEL as a platform for connecting local initiatives and promoting sharing and learning in order to co-design innovative solutions for sustainable communities. He will also give an overview of the possible technical solutions which enable the local treatment of biowaste and the production of energy and food.

We will be interested to hear the potential, and how the balance is made so that waste is usefully repurposed, without the undesirable consequence of incentivising its production.

If you are not a member of Sustainable Hockerton but would like to attend the talk, please contact us.

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