More renewables, less risk

Today our new 50kW solar PV system was commissioned, sited on the roofs of (free-range) chicken sheds at a local farm.

We funded the system through a mix of the Society’s reserves and loans from members, with the former to be replenished in 12 years and the loans repaid in 6 years. Our aims are to increase our environmental impact, by reducing the need to use polluting fossil fuels; to diversify our risk through the use of different technologies; and to continue to bring economic benefit to our members, local residents and businesses.

Of most interest is the sizing of the inverters for the system. Whilst the system is nominally rated at 50kW, the inverters attached are rated at 30kW to facilitate use of the existing grid connection. We predict this will have limited effect on the quantity of energy produced as it is rare that such systems generate at full capacity.

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